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Fixafault Local Telephone & Network Engineer

Fixafault Local Telephone & Network Engineer

Broadband Speed Test

Check the speed of your broadband with the speed test below.


If we have improved your Broadband speed, please send in a testimonial and let other customers know what you think of our services and prices.

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In 95% of cases, a visit from FixaFault has improved customers broadband speed as in Nick Hardcastle’s case.   Click here to read what Nick had to say in his testimonial.



  1. I had a problem with voice quality and broadband download speed on my Virgin Broadband service.

    I found Simon very helpful, knowledgeable and professional. He cleared up the problem to my satisfaction and I would definately contact him again if I had other telco related issues.

    Good service from FixaFault

  2. Absolutely brilliant service and quick very pleased with the work i now have a much improved broadband speed job well done

  3. Simon was really helpful and a really nice bloke. Knew wot. He was doing and sorted the problem. Would deffinatly recommend others use Simon, and if I have any problems again will deffinatly be contacting Simon. Thank you simon for great service and communication.

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