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Date:  02 Feb 2011

Location: Leeds

Free telephone fault adviceRoss Tanner thanks Fixafault for their free advice and not rushing out to charge him.

Simon, thanks for coming out to see me in Leeds. I spoke to the telephone company like you said and got a password. Once I worked out what I needed to reset the router I got back on line in less than 20 mins. I was really impressed that you tried to help me over the phone in the first instance rather than rushing out and charging me. That made me want to come back to you again when I established I could not fix it myself. Thanks for all your help, you were friendly, efficient and good value for money. Cheers Ross


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  1. After a month of frustrating phone calls to sky…FINALLY they put me in contact with simon at fixafault. He came out, increased my broadband speed and fixed the problem….Brilliant and all for just £65. NO more broadband dropping out and 20 times the speed i was getting, I would of happily payed double as my frustration had reached beyond boiling point. Nobody knew what the problem was and how to sort it. Thankyou simon i will fully recommend you.

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