Fixafault Saved Us Money With Our Telephone Line Faults

Date: 25 Nov 2009

Location: Huddersfield

Saving Money on Telephone Line Faults

John Moore was very happy with Fixafault after we saved him money and fixed his telephone line faults.

We called Simon after a BT call-out that left us £125 worse off, still with a line fault & all extensions disconnected! Simon’s visit was a total contrast – the problem identified & fixed, extensions reconnected & the system tested for a small fee. The explanation that Simon gave us also enabled us to email a complaint to BT & get an offer within hours to refund their charge + Simon’s!

Brilliant service that we are happy to recommend; thanks Simon.


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  1. Jacqui / billUpgrading central excganhe will do nothing, we are 5 miles from it! (Cable length that is) that is the issue, only making the cable length shorter will resolve the low speeds we connect at, hence the move to putting connections in the local street cabs which bt are doing over the country at present and as per above poster, daventry has a date of next may for the works to be done. If simon is correct It would be a shame if they didn’t do the middlemore estate cabinets and left us out to eventually provide an even better connection but we have to wait even longer! But does sound like something bt would probably do.

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